The Subaru End of Discussion Shirt was created after I bought my first scooby. Pretty much sums up how most of us Subaru owners feel.

AWD + Ferocious Acceleration = Domination

The snap you back in the seat type of powerband that causes you to wind out the gears as you enter the freeway doin' a 100 and change! And I'm thinking is there anyone that dare step up and get embarrassed.

And why is it always the VW's that talk the most #ish. 


To all the Non-Subaru owners out there: 

at the car show, 
on the road, 
at the bank, 
at church,
on line at the grocery store,
who drive FWD 
shopping at Pep Boys for shift knobs.

Nothin' can save you from the Subi-lic-ious beatdown

Your Subaru Shirt is to be worn while:

Driving your Subaru.

Looking at your Subaru.

On the way to your Subaru meet.

At the Subaru carshow.


While in your buddies HONDA, NISSAN , or MAZDA!